​​Rinis Hair Suite


"Master Stylist, Luxurious Experience, Fantastic Haircuts, Amazing Results"

Buddy Mel P.

I've been a client of rinis for years now from when she was working at Fred's hair salon in katonah to her new space shes at now! I unfortunately now live up in Albany but I only trust her with my hair so whenever I need a haircut I come home to see her for a haircut its definitely worth the drive back! thank you so much rini you never let me down

Nydia R.

Discovered Rinis just a couple of months ago. Great to talk to, we talk as if we've known each other for years. Great color and haircut. Glad that I found Rinis!

Ann B.

Rini is one of a kind. Will follow her any where. She has been doing my hair for years. Professional and caring plus very hard working. Does my daughters hair as well and she refuses to get her eyebrows plucked by anyone else!